Food & Drink that could stain your dentures

by | May 26, 2021 | Dentures Blog

Now that you have your perfect pair of dentures from Smiles & More, you may think that your days of oral care are long behind you, right?

WRONG. Although not natural teeth, Dentures still require the same level of care and hygiene routine that your natural teeth did previously. The same can be said for partial dentures. It’s so important that you maintain your dental healthcare routine for both partial and full dentures.

In our latest Smiles & More blog, we look at the big three food and drinks that could stain your dentures and what to do to enjoy them as part of a healthy and balanced diet.


Cigarettes/Tobacco –

It would come as no surprise to learn that smoking cigarettes or tobacco can cause colour deterioration and staining to your dentures.

Although not food and drink, the nicotine in both cigarettes and tobacco can cause stains to your dentures. These stains often take a dark, sometimes black colour.

It’s easy said than done, but the best course of action to avoid denture staining from smoking, would be to quit.

An excellent place to start would be with nicotine gum. Recent studies show that regular use can help you kick the habit and fight denture stains!

Coffee, Tea & Wine –

At Smiles & More, we like to refer to coffee, tea and wine as ‘The Three Musketeers of Staining’!

The reason why these three drinks are often the cause of staining is due to regular consumption. Because of their colouring and high level of tannins, particularly in red wine and tea, these are often the cause of most staining that we see among patients.

As difficult as it may be (as we all love a cuppa!), the trick to defeating denture staining from these three favourites is moderation or alteration. Either lower your consumption or alternate between different varieties.

Rooibos or green tea instead of breakfast tea and coffee; white wine instead of red. Small steps will make a big difference to your dentures!

Curry or Spicy Food –

Similar to the above, we are well averse to a curry or spicy food from time to time!

The problem with the spicier dishes on your food menu is that the strong colours and often stronger tastes can start to stain your dentures over time.

A good analogy to think of when considering to eat curry or spicy food is to think, ‘would this stain my white clothing?’. If the answer to this is yes, it might be a good idea to opt for the slightly milder dish on the menu from time to time.

Like all the food and Drink mentioned in this blog, we want you to still enjoy the finer foods in life! However, all we ask is that you think about moderation and alteration.

If you do this, you’ll keep those pearly whites shining brighter for longer!

If your looking to keep on top of your denture cleaning be sure to take a read of our guide on how best to look after your dentures and false teeth here.

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