How often do I replace my dentures?

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Dentures Blog

Dentures (or false teeth) are prosthetic appliances that are custom made to fit your mouth precisely, in order to replace some or all of your missing teeth. In doing so they hope to restore both the appearance and function of your mouth. This enables you to smile, chew, laugh and talk as you did before, or sometimes better!

Other advantages of denture wear are related to support of your bite, your jaws, and facial features, which can all collapse as teeth are lost with negative consequences.

Some people are lucky enough to see their dentures survive for decades, but most will require replacement or repair for the following reasons:

  • A loose fit

Denture loosening over time is caused by gum and bone shrinkage. This is a natural part of aging but can be accelerated by tooth extractions, gum disease and ill-fitting dentures. Regular checkups will ensure that your dentures are kept a tight fit with relines and replacement advised as appropriate. This will in turn help you preserve as much bone as possible over time which makes for a more stable fitting denture.

  • Broken teeth or components

Artificial teeth from your denture can chip. The metal and acrylic components of your dentures may also break. Depending on the degree of damage, repair or replacement may be required. If it is limited to chipped teeth, this can often be repaired in clinic whilst you wait. Click here to read more about our denture repair service.

  • Dirty or stained dentures

Regular home cleaning is essential to keep your denture and mouth free from bacteria. Unfortunately, this cannot always prevent build-up of plaque and tartar. We advise an intensive clean 3-4 times per year done here at the clinic whilst you wait. However, should the staining become too engrained within the denture, a remake may then be required. Click here to read more about our denture cleaning service.

  • Worn teeth

Like natural teeth, your denture teeth will wear over time. When this occurs, it can flatten the teeth, so they are less effective for chewing, your bite can be less stable, and the height between your chin and nose can decrease. This gives a more aged appearance and can accentuate any lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Sometimes even without the above, patients just want a new set of teeth. However, dentures are typically expected to last between 5 and 10 years in the average patient. If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, why not book in for a free consultation to see whether you might be in need of a repair, a reline or replacement dentures. Contact us today on 0800 909 8977.