Why you shouldn’t try to fix broken dentures

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Dentures Blog

You shouldn’t try to fix broken dentures | Smiles & More

Here at Smiles & More, we want you to have a perfect smile all day, every day – but we understand that from time to time a denture might need some extra TLC…

You might think that a chip here or a crack there is something that you can fix by yourself without ‘troubling’ us. Nothing is ever too much trouble for our expert team at Smiles & More!

We’re available to care for you and your denture either by appointment or drop in at one of our friendly clinics, equipped with state of the art equipment, can have your broken denture fixed within the hour – ready for you to take on the rest of the day, one smile at a time!

So, in our latest blog, we want to explain why it’s never a good idea to try to fix broken dentures:

A Partial Repair May Turn Into a Full Repair

You might think a quick DIY fix is good enough for the time being, but you could be doing more harm than good to your denture!

Most DIY kits or worse, super glue, have never been intended for oral use and often are a cause of further damage to an already broken denture.

However minuscule you think the problem might be, it’s always best to visit the experts – like our team of clinicians at Smiles & More!

The Damage May Be Related To Your Fit

A broken denture could indicate that there may be a problem with the fit of your dentures.

Only you can tell if your denture doesn’t feel right, if that’s the case, it’s important to not try to fix the problem by yourself as this could further pain and discomfort.

At one of our Smiles & More clinics, our professional clinicians will be able to assess the fit of your denture, ensuring a perfect fit every time!

If you have a broken denture in need of repair, don’t DIY – visit our Warrington or Widnes clinics by calling 01925 231 601 or fill in our online appointment form here.