Complete Dentures Case Study – Ian Barlow

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Case Study

Ian Barlow & family

Do you need Complete Dentures? Smiles and More offer a Complete Denture service and many other services to get your perfect smile back.

Our customer feedback is vital, and we look to showcase our expert work to gain customer trust.

In this latest Smiles and More blog, we look at Ian Barlow’s Complete Dentures and his experience with us.

Complete Dentures with Smiles and More

Hi Ian, Can you tell us how your experience began with Smiles and More?

The above heading says it all. Let me begin with ‘Smiles’.

Just eight years ago, I walked into the Warrington clinic extremely anxious and nervous.

Having already been diagnosed with severe shrinking gum disease and met Gary for the first time.

He immediately had a calming influence and displayed such excellent communication skills that immediately relaxed me, and conducted a thorough consultation and examination.”

Can you explain the Smiles and More Complete Dentures journey and how you felt during it?

We commenced a journey together, which at times was painful.

His [Gary’s] constant help, guidance, and years of experience, our relationship transitioned from an owner/client relationship to a personal friendship that has continued to this day.

How have the procedures affected your confidence?

The procedures performed by Gary and his incredible team have had an utterly life-changing effect upon me. I am now more confident.

I am constantly smiling; people comment on my teeth almost daily. They are so good that I have had another set made!

How do you stay on top of your Complete Dentures?

Now to the ‘More…!

Eight years ago, I immigrated to Australia to live and continue to live the dream. I manage to return to the UK every two years. Each time I make an appointment for a check-up.

How do you feel about the Smiles and More customer service?

Now, considering how busy Gary and his staff are, he declined to make me an appointment not once.

On at least three occasions, he has attended at the clinic way before normal opening hours to attend to my requirements.

He had always gone the extra mile beyond any other service I have ever had.

Would you recommend Smiles and More to anyone else?

Smiles and More have genuinely been a life-changing experience for me. Take my word for it that they could also be for you as well!

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Smiles and More is dedicated to providing comfortable, natural-looking dentures custom-made in our dental laboratory by our expert team of experienced Clinical Dental Technicians and registered Dental Technicians.

We understand that everyone is different, and each person’s smile is unique. At Smiles and More, we take the time to understand your needs and requirements.

Whether that be aiming for the ‘perfect smile’ or making your new dentures look more natural, mimicking those minor irregularities seen in nature.

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