Immediate Dentures

Here at Smiles and More, we understand that waiting for your mouth to heal after tooth extractions, or waiting while your dentures are made can be frustrating. That’s why we provide immediate dentures that can be inserted straight after tooth extraction, to ensure you’re never left with a gap.

Immediate complete or immediate partial dentures are designed to be inserted the same day as tooth extraction. This means that you do not have to go one day with any missing teeth which at the front of the mouth could be very damaging to your confidence or self-esteem. By working closely with dentists, we ensure that the denture is suitable and can be inserted immediately following the extraction procedure carried out by your dentist.

After around 12 weeks following an extraction, your tissue and gums should have fully healed. This often causes shrinkage or shape changes in the gums and will mean that you will need a denture reline or new denture made after this time.

We will advise on your best options upon full healing of the tissue and gums, depending on how the process has affected your immediate dentures solution. Click here to contact us for more information regarding immediate dentures.

If you’re stuck and you’ve lost your denture, or it has broken beyond repair or you’ve had tooth extractions without having an immediate denture making, then we can make you a brand new denture from scratch within 24 hours! Check out our price list in ‘additional items’ to see our various express denture services whereby we can speed up the process to meet your needs.

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Case Study

Having struggled with eating for 12 months with an ill-fitting implanted denture, I was forced to do something about it when it broke! I went to Smiles and More and had an immediate repair – thanks Gary. The staff at Smiles and More are really friendly and Gary is a star who certainly knows his stuff. Thank you all so much.

Ms B – Wrexham



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