Same Day Dentures

The same day smiles concept is best suited to patients who have either failing teeth or no teeth, especially those who are currently wearing dentures.

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Case Study

With my daughters wedding coming up I wanted to make sure I was going to be able to enjoy this special day without having to worry about my teeth. Gary and his team helped me achieve my perfect smile and I can’t thank them enough!

Mr S – Widnes



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this concept of dental implants work?
  • They can replace a whole arch or both arches of missing/failing teeth in one day.
  • A fixed bridge is attached to dental implants – all in one visit.
  • On the day of surgery, any remaining teeth are extracted, and 4-6 implants are placed.
  • Usually, 4 or six implants are placed in the upper arch, with four in the lower arch.
  • Our lab technicians adapt a custom-made temporary bridge, attached by the clinician to the supporting implants.
What are the benefits of ‘Same Day Smiles ’?

Faster procedure
We all tend to lead busy lives. ‘Same Day Smiles’ dental implant solutions minimise the number of appointments needed – especially in contrast to the traditional ‘full arch’ treatment process of multiple single implants and crowns and bridges.

Maximum Comfort
A major benefit of a ‘Same day ’ fixed temporary bridge – as opposed to a temporary denture – means that patients have fixed teeth throughout the entire treatment process and not removable temporary dentures.

Reliable results
Those who have endured badly-fitting dentures or loose unsightly teeth for years can look forward to being provided with a beautiful natural-looking, secure, sturdy and comfortable bridge attached to their new dental implants.

Life-changing potential
The ‘Same Day Smiles’ concept in dental implants has made a huge positive difference for dental patients, in most cases providing a new lease on life.

Are the ‘Same Day Smiles’ dental implants solutions for me?

Do you want to get rid of or avoid wearing dentures?

Do you currently:

  • Suffer from low self-esteem due to badly-fitting or loose dentures – especially when talking or eating?
  • Have a failing bridge from a previous procedure?
  • Currently have failing or loose teeth (perhaps due to gum disease), and don’t like the thought of wearing dentures
  • Experience trouble with failing or loose teeth (possibly due to gum disease)

‘Same Day Smiles ’ dental implant solutions offer a reliable alternative to dentures, with a lot of great benefits.

‘Same Day Smiles ‘implants solutions are also for patients who:

  • Want fixed teeth throughout their dental implant treatment process
  • Are currently limited to eating soft foods, but want to experience a wider selection of food again.

Please feel free to call and book a consultation if you would like to discuss this life changing concept further.