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All of the dentures made here at Smiles & More are bespoke, Cosmetic Dentures Warrington, because all “cosmetic” refers to is the precise positioning of the teeth and bite within the face, to produce the most aesthetically pleasing smile, bite and facial support. Well crafted dentures have huge versatility to completely change a person’s appearance and face shape for the better.

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Case Study

I was so self-conscious of how my dentures looked so I decided to have a consultation with Gary. From the moment I walked into the clinic I felt at ease, the staff couldn’t do enough for me. I was able to talk through various options with Gary and he offered me professional advice which allowed me to make a great decision. I would recommend Cosmetic Dentures Warrington from Smiles and More to anyone, you won’t regret it!

Mrs M – Llandudno



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cosmetic Dentures?

Cosmetic Dentures are dentures that create the most aesthetically pleasing smile and facial form through the precise positioning of the teeth and bite within the jaws.

Dentures are not just about the teeth. Many denture wearers find their face and lips have collapsed giving a much more aged look. The great news is this can be instantly reversed by our cosmetic dentures.

The truth is, all of the dentures made here at Smiles & More are cosmetic dentures, because we always carefully and precisely position of the teeth and bite within the face, to produce the most cosmetically pleasing smile, bite and facial support.

The techniques used are the same as those a dentist may use for a smile makeover if someone is having veneers to change their smile, but with dentures there is even more control, therefore even more versatility to completely change a person’s appearance for the better with cosmetic dentures.

This can be to achieve a marked change and improvement in your smile, or to make your teeth look as closely like your natural teeth did, for example the shape and prominence of certain teeth, or including any minor imperfections or characterisations you had such as a little crowding. This can all be included in your dentures to make them as naturally beautiful as possible.

Our aim is for people to think you have fabulous teeth, not fabulous dentures.

What makes Smiles & More different?

Our expert team of dental technicians are on hand to manufacture your new dentures on-site, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product in the shortest time.

We understand that everyone is different, and each person’s smile is unique; we take the time to understand your needs and requirements. Sometimes our patients want their new dentures to replicate exactly what their natural teeth were like before they lost them. Other times, people will deliberately ask us to put gaps or crowding in their teeth to make them look as natural as possible.

Either way we want you to be delighted with both your new dentures, and the service that you receive here at Smiles & More.

Why choose a CDT to make my dentures?

Having the procedures carried out by a Clinical Dental Technician such as Gary, means that they are an expert both in the procedures they do in surgery and the laboratory stages that go on ‘behind the scenes’. This makes the process more seamless with an ideal transfer of information from the surgery to the laboratory.