Exploring the cosmetic side of dentures

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Dentures Blog

It is surprising to us that the general view of dentures is negative, and we want to change this perception. 67% of people say that they smile more often after getting dentures, so why would anyone be hesitant?

We have previously discussed the stigma attached to wearing dentures. However, to overcome this issue, we feel it is important to explore the cosmetic side of dentures and how they can be the perfect solution for someone with missing teeth, looking to transform their smile.

Many people consider cosmetic dentistry through crowns, veneers or bonding highly acceptable and even something to be proud of! However well-crafted, artistically made dentures provide an almost identical result to other forms of cosmetic dentistry, with very little discomfort for the patient during the clinical stages.

Besides the obvious change in the appearance of your teeth, dentures can help to transform your entire face. Losing your natural teeth causes a lack of support to your face, which is why your features can begin to droop, exaggerating wrinkles. The proportions of your face reverse, broadening at the bottom, changing the appearance of your cheekbones and jaws and making you appear much older. Dentures provide this essential support to your facial features leaving you with a fuller looking face, and an overall more youthful and aesthetic appearance.

Buy one get one free? Two for the price of one? Kill two birds with one stone? No need for a facelift once you’ve got high-quality dentures with a precise and comfortable fit. Now they are dentures to be proud of!