Five Reasons To Keep On Top Of Denture Cleaning & Repairs

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Dentures Blog

Five Reasons To Keep On Top Of Denture Cleaning & Repairs | Smiles & More

We’re all guilty at times of not caring for ourselves and our health, especially our oral health. With dentures, you should treat yourself to some self-care with denture cleaning and repairs!

A broken denture causes discomfort, disrupting your daily life; nobody wants that!

Here are five reasons we recommend denture cleaning and repairs:

1. Brings back functionality and original appearance

Having a broken denture may leave you feeling self-conscious about its appearance, or it could even effect your speech. Getting your dentures repaired will restore the original dentures’ natural look and performance.

2. Ends unnecessary pain and discomfort

When a denture is broken, it won’t fit, which can cause gum irritation. Don’t prolong the pain and discomfort! If you’re experiencing jaw soreness, uneven pressure or any other discomfort, come to Smiles & More, and we’ll make your discomforts disappear.

3. Reduces possible movement of remaining teeth

If your denture is missing a tooth, it will throw off the balance of your bite, leading to the movement of your teeth. We don’t want your teeth to move out of place!

4. Maintains good gum health

Clean and healthy gums come from perfect fitting dentures that are cleaned and well taken care of. On the other hand, broken dentures can cause inflammation, irritation, and blisters.

5. Deep Clean

At Smiles & More, our clinics are fully equipped with the latest denture cleaning technology! We recommend you take advantage of this equipment at least 3-4 times a year, as intense dental cleaning is the most hygienic process you can do for your dentures.

Caring through denture cleaning and repairs will ensure your dentures remain in the best possible condition for your health, confidence and most importantly, your smile!

If you need a denture clean or repair, call us on 01925 231 601 or visit our site here.