How cosmetic dentures are made to suit you

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Dentures Blog

If you’re considering cosmetic dentures as a way to restore the appearance of your smile, you’re in good company.

For many people, full and partial dentures are a way to replace missing or broken teeth, whether that means bridging a gap or giving you a completely new smile.

But everybody has different ideas about exactly what they want to achieve – and while perfectly straight white teeth might suit some, others want a more natural appearance.

So, how do we make cosmetic dentures to suit you? Here are just some of the ways bespoke dentures are made to your exact standards.

1. Natural looking teeth

We give you a choice of what your artificial teeth should look like. If you want full dentures with gleaming white teeth, that’s fine.

If you’d rather have a new smile that looks a lot like your old one – for example if your teeth were broken in an accident or you’re bridging a small gap with a partial denture – we can advise on that too.

Modern materials used to create artificial teeth for dentures give plenty of options when it comes to colour matching and even variations in size and shape for a totally natural look.

2. Implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures can give a very natural appearance, as they are held in place using two to four implants embedded into your jawbone.

This makes them an excellent way to replace missing teeth with natural looking dental implants that comfortably fill in the gap.

Again, this is a great option if you want your own natural smile back after losing a tooth or several to gum disease or in an accident or other facial injury.

3. Emergency dentures

If you need cosmetic dentures at short notice, for example if you have had a tooth knocked out and have an important social event or business engagement coming up, we may be able to help.

Our express dentures service can produce new dentures to suit you in less than 24 hours – and we will always do our best to create emergency dentures in time for when you need them.

This can give you an even, natural looking smile in time for family photos (emergency dentures for weddings are especially common).

To find out more, visit our website and get in contact with your nearest clinic or fill out our Ask Gary form for a quick response.