Illegal Dentures – What Should I Look Out For?

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Dentures Blog

Illegal Dentures – What Should I Look Out For?

At Smiles & More, all our clinicians are GDC (General Dental Council) registered, which means they have been recognised as being safe and legal to provide dental treatment for your new dentures.

However, this isn’t always the case, with illegal dentistry and illegal dentures on the rise in the UK. In this latest blog, we’re going to outline what the GDC classes as illegal activity and what key things you can do to ensure you are receiving treatment for your dentures that are safe and most importantly legal.


Do I need to see a Dentist or can I see a Clinical Dental Technician (or both)?

A Clinical Dental technician can directly treat, create and fit a complete set of dentures to patients who have experienced total tooth loss. If you are looking for partial dentures, as you have some of your natural teeth remaining or you have had a dental implant, you must first be seen or referred by your dentist before treatment can begin. This can be arranged for you.

Patients presenting with natural teeth will be advised to visit a dentist for an oral examination/check-up where an appropriate treatment plan can then be formulated in conjunction with the Clinical Dental Technician.


Can I see a normal Dental Technician for new dentures?

No Dental technicians can only make dentures via a dentist. This means they cannot make dentures for you directly they can only legally provide them to a dentist or Clinical Dental technician. The dentist or clinical Dental technician takes the impressions and fits the dentures.

Dental technicians

Dental technicians make the dentures in the laboratory on the prescription and impression from a dentist or a Clinical Dental Technician and return to them to fit in the patient’s mouth.

It is illegal for dental technicians to make your dentures direct.


Provide the prescription and impressions for the dental technicians to manufacture the dentures in the laboratory and fit the dentures for the patient.

Clinical Dental Technicians

Can provide a prescription for complete dentures and partial dentures with a prescription from a dentist.

They can take impressions, manufacture the denture and fit dentures.


What can I do to ensure I am receiving legal treatment?

Before visiting a denture or dentistry clinic for the first time, you can search by the practice or clinicians name on the GDC’s registers here. If you cannot find the practice or clinician, then steer clear!

You are also well within your rights to ask to see for some identification from either the clinician or practice itself on your arrival.


I’ve received illegal treatment, what should I do?

First of all, if you’ve received illegal treatment, please contact us on 01925 231 601. We would be more than happy to assess the treatment, provide further treatment or simply provide reassurance on your dental health.

If you have received treatment that you think maybe illegal from a private clinic contact the General Dental Council.

Illegal dentures are a nationwide problem and it is down to all involved in the industry to try and eradicate. For safe, legal service provided by some of the region’s most skilled clinicians, look no further than Smiles & More!

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