Our top tips to think about before looking to buy new dentures!

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Dentures Blog

Looking to buy new dentures? Here are Smiles & More’s top tips to think about before you do!

From time to time, all denture users will need to purchase a new set of dentures. At Smiles & More, our denture dynamo Gary and the rest of the dental clinicians’ team, pride ourselves on the quality of our new dentures.

Seeing a new smile courtesy of our dentures is why we do the job in the first place and makes all of our efforts worthwhile – it is the highlight of the job!

However, we want to give you a few top tips on what to ask yourself before going ahead with purchasing a pair of new dentures…

Dentist or Dental Clinician – what’s the difference?

The main difference between a dentist and dental clinician in this scenario is who will be producing your denture.

When you visit a dentist for a new denture, you may be surprised to learn that it won’t be the dentist themselves making the denture. A dentist will have a chosen technician that they work closely with to produce dentures.

At Smiles & More, our qualified clinical dental clinicians, (like denture dynamo Gary!) can make your denture directly without going through a dentist.

This means that rather than multiple appointments with different people, on your visit to Smiles and More, you’ll meet and speak to the person you need to on the day!

How much will a new denture cost?

The cost of dentures varies from clinic to clinic. Should you choose an NHS denture, the cost may be lower to that of a private denture (around £200), but the quality will be of a low standard and you may end up paying more than you bargained for in the long run!

At Smiles & More, our essential dentures start at £695 with our top-end elite dentures priced at £1,675.

The price’s may be higher but this is because the quality of the denture’s are the best available on the market – Gary has over 30 years’ experience, with other members of our team being with us since 1991!


What types of dentures are available?

At Smiles & More, we specialise in several variations of denture:

Complete and partial Dentures  

Our Complete and partial Dentures are the ultimate box-ticker for clients with or without all of there natural teeth! Providing comfortable, long-lasting and natural-looking dentures which are custom-made in our dental laboratory.

These dentures are hand crafted  by our expert team of registered Clinical Dental Technicians and experienced Dental Technicians.


Implant Retained Dentures –

If you are finding that you are relying on daily adhesive for your existing dentures, then implant-retained dentures may be the solution you are looking for!

Feedback from customers who have chosen implant retained dentures includes statements like, “the best decision I have ever made” and “I can’t believe the difference it has made to me, I’m smiling all the time!”

Just two to four dental implants can anchor your existing dentures and leave you feeling healthier, happier and much more confident!

At Smiles & More, we can and will advise on all denture problems – as any problem always has a solution!


Other Dental Implants solutions 

Dental Implants are the best option for those patients that are looking to replace missing teeth.

Many patients are wary of implants and crowns not feeling like natural teeth but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

The feel and function of a dental implant with crown attached are exactly what you would expect from natural teeth.

Local experience implantologist’s will be responsible for the fitting/placing of the dental implants , whilst our clinicians’ team will focus on creating your bespoke replacement denture  – a true team effort!

As with all our procedures, you can count on expert aftercare – should you encounter any problem, we’ll be on hand to help!

Call us on 01925 231 601 or fill in our Ask Gary form here with all your dental enquiries and we’ll contact you within 24 hours with an answer to your query.