Reasons why people lose their teeth

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Dentures Blog

From the very first moment we hold a toothbrush, we are taught about the importance of oral health and how to keep our teeth looking clean, healthy, and bright.

But over time, both external and internal factors are known to contribute to tooth loss despite the many years of brushing and flossing – including age, dietary habits, diseases and so forth.

Here are some of the main reasons why people lose their teeth and what to look out for to help preserve your teeth.

Gum Disease

One of the biggest reasons behind tooth loss is gum disease, or in medical terms, periodontitis.

This is an inflammation of the gums caused by a build up of plaque and tartar influencing the gums to detach from the teeth, and allowing infection to spread within the gaps.

The key signs are usually bleeding gums, or red and painful gums by which you should go to your nearest dental expert for treatment as soon as possible.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Or, it is simply down to bad oral hygiene.

Not brushing your teeth after eating, especially with regards to sugary or acidic drinks and foods – a nice sweet treat, that could leave you with bitter consequences.

Our best advice is to limit the amount of sugar intake to minimise the risk of tooth decay.

Alcohol and smoking are two other factors. Smokers can experience bone loss due to the hormonal imbalances, whilst drinking alcohol (particularly wine and beer) stains teeth and wears the protective enamel away.

Cutting down on a high level of smoking or drinking will not only benefit your teeth, but your bodies entire health too.

Sports Injury

A close contact sport like rugby, boxing, or even a hit to the face with a tennis ball can knock a tooth out.

All professional athletes wear the appropriate head gear, gum shields, or mouth guards to stay as safe as possible during heavy contact activities and so should you.

The Tooth Fairy

Remember the magical tooth fairy who would visit you every time you lost a tooth, and in the morning find a shiny pound coin or two as a reward?

As kids we would constantly lose teeth over the years, allowing our baby teeth to be replaced by our permanent ones.

Luckily, this is a perfectly normal and natural reason towards tooth loss, however we advise not to force it out as this may damage the roots.

So, be sure to maintain good dental care and encourage everyone, whether it be family or friends, to brush their teeth every day and book regular check-ups.

If their dental health is in decline, dentures are a great solution to helping prevent further tooth loss, and replace any missing teeth for a natural, superior fit.

Contact your nearest Smiles and More clinic today for a consultation on which dentures are right for you.