Reasons why dentures can break

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Dentures Blog

Dentures are recognised as the more affordable solution to replace missing teeth, improve appearance and give you a secure fit that both feels and looks good.

However, accidents can happen and if dentures are not properly cared for, excessively worn or poorly fitted, then they are liable to break.

Here are some of the most common reasons why dentures can break and what to do when they do!

Ill fitting

This is the most common cause of a broken denture and can occur through gum shrinkage, wear and tear, and tooth movement if it is a partial denture. Wear on the denture teeth is another issue which can cause breakages, and occurs when the denture teeth do not come into contact with the teeth biting against the denture.

Not only this, but an ill fitted denture can lead to a huge amount of discomfort, causing mouth sores, infections and problems with eating or speaking.

Old dentures & excessive wear

If you’ve been wearing the same dentures over a long period of time without regular maintenance, they’re bound to not be as stable as they once were the first time you got them fitted.

Worn or old dentures eventually cause resorption – a loss in bone density and volume. This results in a lack of support for the dentures, especially in the lower jaw, and by having loose dentures they are more likely to fall out.

Wearing dentures whilst sleeping is another cause for concern, whereby inflammation of the gums and denture plaque are more likely to occur. Therefore, it’s always best to leave your dentures in a cleansing solution overnight to keep them fresh, healthy and clean.

Harsh cleaning

Speaking of cleaning, if you wear dentures we advise you to implement a cleaning routine into your daily oral health care.  

But, using harsh products such as bleach, vinegar, conventional toothpaste or even placing your dentures in very hot water can warp or scratch them.

Brushing too harshly will also affect the metallic or plastic parts of the denture.

Injury & Accidents

Any type of trauma to the mouth can have major consequences to the condition of your dentures. Sports injuries or facial collisions speak for itself, and in some severe cases, lead to emergency tooth extraction or surgery.

Of course, simply dropping your dentures, and accidentally standing or sitting on them can break the teeth and pink region representing the gums with enough force.

What should I do if they break?


Remove them and assess the damage or break

Have them professionally repaired ASAP by a dental expert

Keep all the pieces in a bag or container to help with reconstruction and repairs


Glue it back together

Use a quick fix repair kit

Continue to wear them if damaged in two places

Whether you need complete or partial dentures, we at Smiles and More provide high quality dentures, denture cleaning and denture repair services to keep you smiling for longer. Speak to one of our dental technicians at your nearest clinic today for a free consultation, or fill in the Ask Gary Form on our website.