Six Signs You Need New Dentures

by | May 20, 2022 | Dentures Blog

Are you in need of New Dentures? At Smiles and More, we aim to give you the natural-looking dentures you’ve always dreamed of. 

Dentures restore your confidence in smiling and give you the ability to speak and eat normally.

Here are our top six signs that mean you need a fresh pair of dentures!

Eating Issues

The purpose of Dentures is to provide comfort and practicality when chewing. If you have issues with chewing, you may need to get New Dentures.

Any discomfort or pain during eating should be looked into as the Dentures ensure you do not have any difficulty.

If you have any eating issues, you should look to replace your Dentures with Smiles and More.


Dentures follow the same cycle as regular teeth, and they will stain over time. If they become significantly stained, you should seek a fresh pair of Dentures.

A lack of Denture Maintenance causes staining, and should they look discoloured, they should be replaced.

We know that stains cause a yellow or brown colour to your dentures at Smiles and More. Replacement dentures can allow you to smile with confidence again.

Wear and Tear

Dentures can experience chips and cracks like regular teeth if they are not appropriately treated.

Any signs of wear and tear on your dentures mean you should take a trip to Smiles and More!

Chips and cracks can be awkward and uncomfortable, with your confidence dropping.

Gum Irritation

Dentures are placed along the gum line of a patient, which can cause slight irritation.

Irritated gums can cause problems for your oral health, and New Dentures may be needed to fix the irritation.

Poorly Fitted Dentures

Any movement of your dentures will mean that you need new ones.

At Smiles and More, our dentures are fitted expertly for our patients, so you do not have to worry!

The movement of poorly fitted dentures in the mouth can lead to gum shrinkage and the loss of a perfect smile.

Discomfort and Painful

The most significant sign that indicates you need a fresh pair of Dentures is pain or discomfort.

If your dentures feel uncomfortable, you should seek advice from your dentist first.

If the discomfort continues, you should seek fresh dentures from Smiles and More, as we know you should feel comfortable with your oral health.

What we offer

We offer free consultations, providing detailed and honest information that allows you to better understand your treatment options and requirements and the choices available to you.

Our North West denture clinics are unique in that they house our very own state of the art laboratories ensuring that we have the latest advances in technology and techniques at our fingertips while creating your new smile

At Smiles and More, we take our time with each patient to create customised, entirely complete or partial dentures that fit snugly.

However, our efforts extend past your treatment with fantastic aftercare and advice services enabling you to achieve long lasting, effective results from your new smile.

Contact us today on 01925 231 601 for any advice on New Dentures.