The benefits of flossing

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Dentures Blog

When it comes to oral health, we tend to focus on keeping our teeth clean and in good condition through brushing twice a day.

However, whilst this is second nature to most of us, flossing can be overlooked as an important process to your oral hygiene routine.

There are many different types of floss to use, from nylon floss and dental tape, to spongy floss or an electronic flosser. All of this depends on your preferences, the size of gaps between your teeth and if you wear any dental appliances such as braces.

Flossing has many benefits to improving your overall health and today we’re here to show you the reasons why.

Reduce the risk of gum disease

According to Bupa, around 90% of adults have gum disease in some shape or form. Now that’s a big statistic! But even if you never had a proper oral care routine in place, it’s never too late to start.

Flossing can prevent the build-up of plaque and help to stop gums from bleeding which can lead to gingivitis, or periodontitis developing in extreme cases and eventually tooth loss.

Prevents diabetes

For those who suffer with diabetes, flossing may be the key to controlling high levels of glucose and preventing tooth decay.

This is done by removing those undetectable particles of food – especially from sugary snacks – being absorbed into the bloodstream via saliva or the gums and consequently decrease the risk of inflamed gums in the process. 

Stops bad breath

Think brushing your teeth and eating chewing gum is the only way to stop bad breath? Think again!

As stated previously, flossing takes out those pesky bits of food stuck between the teeth. These can transform your mouth into a breeding ground for bad bacteria to evolve, and therefore cause an unpleasant odour. One tip is to floss after every meal – so you can keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

With dentures, we at Smiles and More recommend using a soft floss with a gentle but firm action, combined with daily brushing.

If you have any questions regarding our denture aftercare services, or want to know more about how to keep your teeth and gums in tip top condition, contact your nearest clinic or fill in our Ask Gary form where your enquiry will be answered within 24 hours.