The Importance of Denture Cleaning

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Dentures Blog

Importance of Denture Cleaning | Smiles & More
Denture cleaning is one of the essential factors in oral health to maintain good hygiene. A healthy, clean mouth helps with mental and physical wellbeing, and here at Smiles & More, we recognise and acknowledge our client’s needs.

We understand the embarrassment of stained, discoloured dentures and the resulting reluctance of individuals to get them cleaned.

At Smiles and More, we eliminate all the embarrassment and concentrate on getting your dentures cleaned and free from bacteria.

Regular Denture Cleaning

At Smiles & More, we recommend that home cleaning is essential to maintain a clean, healthy mouth – free from bacteria. Unfortunately, this cannot always prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Regular cleaning of your dentures at home will help maintain a joyous, healthy mouth, and using our intensive cleaning services will help clean the areas that are hard to clean for individuals.

Strong dishes or drinks are factors in staining teeth, and without regular cleaning, you would not be able to enjoy your morning coffee or tea without the risk of staining your dentures.

Harmful Bateria

Plaque and tartar are difficult to remove and will require special attention – this is why you should use our denture cleaning services.

Ignoring the build-up of these harmful bacteria can be damaging for staining your dentures and teeth. Plaque and tartar build-up causes irritation of the gums and tongue, bad breath and in some cases, fungal infections within the mouth.

Regular denture cleaning is also essential to preventing gum disease. Plaque building up around your teeth can be seriously harmful to your teeth and can lead to loss of teeth due to poor hygiene.

Our Services – Denture Cleaning

At Smiles and More, we provide our cleaning services that tackle these issues and ensure your mouth is healthy and free from harmful bacteria.

We offer a denture cleaning service that takes only 20-30 minutes, extensively cleaning your dentures to a high standard. At Smiles and More, we aim to provide a service that keeps your mouth as hygienic as possible at the small price of £20.00

Smiles and More recommend this deep denture cleaning service 3-4 times a month for a completely healthy mouth.

For more information on our UK leading denture cleaning system, contact us on 01925 231 601.

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